We are a student organization in Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Virginia Tech founded in Spring 2011 with the goal of encouraging and expanding the study of cyber security and related fields. We aim to develop awareness and expertise in all areas of cyber security including physical, social, hardware, and software.

The main meetings for VTCSEC will be in Lavery 335 on Thursdays at 18:30. The beginners' meetings for VTCSEC will also be in Lavery 335 on Tuesdays at 18:30. This is accurate information for Fall 2018. If you would like to speak and present at one of the Thursday meetings, send us an email and sign up here.

Long-running CTF challenge

To get started, go to here and make an account. You have to be on the VT network to connect, so either go to campus to work or use the VPN. Have fun!

Upcoming Meetings

Details of the next meeting have not been announced yet. Stay tuned!