This organizational meeting will cover plans for this year, changes to the club infrastructure, and CTF preparation. Members willing to participate in additional practice sessions and do individual preparation outside of meetings for CTFs this year should mention this at the meeting. The officers are also looking for students willing to give technical talks at meetings this year or willing to assist with infrastructure improvements or events. We would also appreciate any volunteers able to be present for any amount of time at the Gobblerfest booth on September 4th from 4pm to 8pm.

We anticipate increased participation by the IT Security Office staff in Cyber Security Club events and meetings this year. In particular at this meeting we will be introducing Dr. David Raymond. Dr. Raymond just arrived at VT from West Point where he advised the Cadet CTF team. He has spoken at several conferences including Black Hat, Shmoocon, and RSA, and has expressed interest in giving a series of talks on reverse engineering for the club.