On our meeting this Thursday we will continue our recent tradition of weekly news updates from Conor Patrick regarding current events. These updates will include breaches, vulnerabilities, and happenings since the last meeting.

Noah will be giving a talk on a topic in modern cryptography that sits firmly in the domain of privacy enhancing technologies (PETs). PETs provide a guarantee of privacy to users in some form or another and often use cryptography or information theory to make these guarantees. Private information retrieval (PIR) is a PET that provides users of a database service with the ability to query the database for records without letting the owner or operator of the service learn anything about the query or the records that were retrieved. This is a complex topic but every effort will be made to explain it in an approachable way.

For the last 30 to 45 minutes we will have some hands-on crypto things for you to do with specifics TBA at the meeting.

We hope to see you there!