Hey all! We’ve been pretty lax about keeping up with updates on the website this semester for main meetings. As we do each week, this Thursday we will have a discussion of the news from the past week. Noah will also be leading a discussion about how hash functions work. He’ll be talking about the construction and attacks on these functions. It should be a good extension of the explanation Drew will be leading during the meeting tonight (Tuesday).

We will continue to discuss the upcoming officer elections and meeting topics for the rest of the semester. If you are interested in becoming an officer, please email us and let us know. As we stated in the meeting last week, the elected positions are President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Other positions are by appointment; generally those positions are filled by volunteers who see the need for additional manpower. We aim to have a meeting of those interested to discuss the positions scheduled for next week. Recall that it is our aim to have elected officers officially running the club prior to the end of the semester with the guidance of current leadership.

New members, please read our ‘Getting Started’ page. We hope to see you there!