Before this meeting, we ask that everyone planning on coming to have the following things done.

  • Download VirtualBox and the VirtualBox Extension Pack. Download Page
  • Download the Kali Linux Virtual Box Image. Download Page CHOOSE THE VIRTUAL BOX TAB, it defaults to VMWare. You most likely want 64bit VBox.
  • If you are feeling excited, install the image to VirtualBox and play around.
  • Read some about the basics of virtual machines (VMs). Start here if you don’t have a place to start.

These files are quite large and will take a long time to download! If you do not download them before the meeting, then we will be unable to help you get started.

If you need help setting up VirtualBox or installing the image, the officers will be holding help sessions on Google Hangouts. Sessions will be held on Friday (3th) and Monday (6th). Exact times are still to be decided.

For this beginner meeting we will be giving a quick overview of Linux, then start talking about VM basics, how they are used for security, the basics of system administration, and how to harden a system to make it secure. We hope to see you there!