This Tuesday, we have another beginner meeting at 6:30 pm in TORG 1020. The beginner’s meeting will be on networking attacks such as denial of service with TCP RST and SYN floods as one category, and session hijacking as another. This one shall be a little more hands on, but to do that, you’ll need some software first.

If you have no other software for virtualization, please download VirtualBox from here:

Then download the Kali VirtualBox image from here. Make sure you click on the correct tab at the download selection menu. The default tab is VMWare, which won’t work with VirtualBox:

Then click on file and import in the VirtualBox interface. Navigate to the Kali image file you just downloaded and import it. Start the virtual machine and make sure it works. The login is username: root, password: toor. If you get an error about the usb controller, then you can edit setting on the virtual machine and turn off usb devices. Once you have it working, please clone your virtual machine twice so that you have at least three virtual machines.