Tonight’s meeting will be at TORG 1040 at 6:30 p.m. as usual. We have some interesting security news to go over and then FBI Supervisory Special Agent Devito will be talking tonight. He will cover some opportunities at the FBI and then talk about his experiences. We look forward to seeing you there! ** Bio: ==== Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Mark Devito has served with the FBI for 15 years working a variety of security related matters including Cyber investigations and teaching at the FBI academy. His first office of assignment was Anchorage, AK where, in addition to his regular duties, SSA Devito served as the medic for the SWAT team. SSA Devito began his programming and hacking escapades in high school, way back in the early 1980 when computers ran on coal and displays were only one color. (You could choose green, amber, or B&W.) Prior to joining the FBI, SSA Devito had a wide array of adventurers; including serving 8 years in the Army Reserves as a Finance Officer, working several years as a street Paramedic and ER/ICU/CCU registered nurse, a Windows network administrator, and finally as an entrepreneur owning and operating a small computer consulting service just before entering the FBI. SSA Devito will retire from the FBI in 4 years but figures there are a lot more adventurers to come. :-) SSA Devito is presently a VT MIT grad student; however, his more important tie to VT is his son Alex, who is a freshman Aerospace Engineering major and Marching Virginian. SSA Devito is married and also has a daughter in middle school. **