Joining CyberVT

The Virginia Tech Cybersecurity Club is open to any and all majors as well as skill levels. The club is currently comprised of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Business Information Technology students. CyberVT is a diverse club of individuals with interests in many niches in the field of cybersecurity. Our goal is to foster an environment of curiosity and encouragement to help our members pursue their interests in this field and excel. 

CyberVT hosts weekly meetings that offer students the opportunity to learn many cybersecurity topics that will most likely never be taught in classes. 

What do I Have to Know in Order to Join the Club?

Nothing. We have no formal prerequisites and have members from a variety of different backgrounds and majors. 

However, it is important that you bring with you to each meeting a willingness to learn. In the case of most computer-related disciplines, it's not about how much you know, it's about your willingness to learn. The more you do to independently educate yourself, the more proficient you will become. 

How do I Join the Club?

Join our discord and reach out to one of the officers for role assignment. Our primary means of communication in CyberVT is done through Discord. Any announcements, questions, and general discussion is handled on our Discord server.  

Where to Start Learning?

This is a broad question that many ask when starting in cybersecurity. Before you ask yourself this question, it is important to identify your niche within cybersecurity. There are many niches within cybersecurity, and all of them are equally useful.

You could work in penetration testing, data forensics, SOC, etcetera. It all depends on your interests and requires some research on your part. Identify the positions within cybersecurity that interest you, and then go from there. There are also some excellent resources here that you can use for reference.