An introduction to the current executives of VTCSEC

Chris Cerne - CFO

Chris Cerne is an MS student studying Computer Science under Dr. Hicks at Virginia Tech. Chris has had a passion for cybersecurity for many years, starting in high school when he did his first CTF competition. 

Nick Cerne - CEO

Nick Cerne is a senior pursuing a bachelor's in Business Information Technology, Cybersecurity Management and Analytics. Nick is interested in both the consulting and technical sides of cybersecurity, and is currently working as a Technology Risk Auditing Intern at Goldman Sachs. 

Justin Perez - COO

Additionally to being the VP of CyberVT, Justin Perez is also the CO of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Cyber Team. Justin's passions include reverse engineering, exploitation, and cryptography. Justin also enjoys teaching and helping people learn cybersecurity.

Alex Stanton III - CMO

Alex is a senior studying Marketing and minoring in International Business. Some of his hobbies include running his own sneaker and clothing venture, playing basketball and traveling the world.