Resources for learning about computer security and related fields.

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Getting started with Linux

Getting SSH ability

  • Putty is a windows application that has some basic ssh and telnet capabilities.
  • For Windows 10 users, you don’t have to bother with VirtualBox if you just want some basic linux capabilities. Windows has relased Ubuntu on Windows
  • Cygwin is a tool that runs Linux binaries that are recompiled for Windows. Has a better terminal interface than Bash on Ubuntu on Windows
  • VirtualBox is a tool that alows you to run an operating system on an operating system. It is great for testing programs, keeping projects separate, and not having to have multiple computers to do all your work. If you install a Linux image, then it will usually have SSH capabilities.
  • Mac OS X has a built-in SSH client called Terminal.


  • Online wargames that only require a terminal with ssh abilities. Bandit level will take you from the most basic command to writing passcode cracking shell scripts.
  • Online CTF for hacking into embedded systems. Useful for learning assembly and how to use a low level debugger, check it’s resources page.
  • Online wargames, covering a variety of topics. Only requires ssh capability.
  • CTF that occured in 2014, the site has been left up and is open to anyone who wants to try the competitions. Has a convienient set of resources.
  • CSAW CTF site, currently open for the 2016 competition from September 16-18. Look at the meeting announcements for more information.
  • Blog of a guy who has been taking snapshots of a LOT of past CTFs. If you want to try a past CTF this is the place to look.
  • Catelogue of sites and information for those interested in learning security. It is pretty varied, take a look.

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