Interested in a Leadership Position?

Learn about the various roles at CyberVT 

Club Roles

This is the club hierarchy of CyberVT. If you are interested in a potential leadership position. Contact the current CEO for a brief interview. More information regarding open leadership positions can be found on the CyberVT discord page.

Club Structure



Responsible for managing the executive team and club oversight. Coordinates with executive team to set long-term objectives for CyberVT. 


Responsible for managing the clubs group leaders. Also responsible for identification and mitigation of club operating needs (e.g. new chair implementations, etcetera.)


Responsible for management of club bank account. Also responsible for management and coordination of club-sponsor relations. 


Responsible for the club brand and oversight over various chair positions. This includes management of Social Media Chair and Publishing Chair.

Chair Positions

Publishing Chair

Responsible for proofreading blog writer articles and publishing them to the CyberVT blog. Reports to the CMO weekly.

Social Media Chair

Responsible for managing CyberVT social media. Provides frequent updates based on CyberVT events. Reports to the CMO weekly.


Group Leaders

Responsible for being resourceful and facilitating collaborative discussion within the group. Coordinates group activities and provides assistance to group. 

Blog Writers

Applies to all members of the club. Members can write articles on security topics that interest them, and send them to the publishing chair for review. After review, topics are published on the CyberVT website. Does not require an interview.