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The goal of our meetings is educational, not promotional. Therefore, we allow company representatives to give technical talks and/or workshops on the condition that there is no recruiting. We will allow recruiting as long as a company is a bronze level sponsor or higher. Each level includes the benefits of the level above it in this list.

Donations ($100-$499)

  • Mention at bottom of Sponsor’s Page and Slides

Bronze ($500-$999)

  • Small Logo on Sponsor’s Page and Slides
  • Ability have time at end of Technical Talks for a bit of advertising and recruiting
  • Small Swag
    • Stickers, Keychains, Pens, etc.

Silver ($1000-$2999)

  • Ability to have speakers at VTCSEC Special Events
  • Minimal Advertising of Job Offers and Events in meetings, emails, and website

Gold ($3000-$4999)

  • Large Swag
    • T-shirts, Mugs, Software, etc.
  • Advertise Software
  • Ability to host CTFs at Virginia Tech for VTCSEC members

Platinum ($5000+)

  • Ability to host social events at or around Virginia Tech for VTCSEC
  • Targeted recruiting of members
  • Public advertising of your organization at CTF Competitions by members/CTF team

For information on how to become a sponsor please contact us at